Building Repair and Maintenance

With extensive experience in remedial works, repair and maintenance, we assist home owners in resolving complex matters. Where needed, we have access to a great network of professional engineers and architects and we enjoy the challenge of finding remediation solutions to protect your home and provide a beautiful, structurally sound, end product.

Our diverse range of in-house trades and network management can assist and resolve any matter from water related, structural, fire, natural disaster, rebuild or intricate building defects.

Innovate have extensive experience in remedial and maintenance works, including but not limited to:

Damp and age repair
Remedial building
Structural rectification & strengthening
Waterproofing rectification & design
Cavity flashing repairs
Concrete spalling
Lintel replacement
Crack stitching
Window and door replacement
Roofing repairs
Render repairs
Brickwork rectification
Heritage works
Chimney and verge repair
Rising damp concerns and general building defects

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